Learn to Play A Musical Instrument
The Fast And Easy Way!

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   Looking for something to do?

How about grabbing your ukulele 

and joining us for a FREE 

Ukulele Open Mic.

WHEN: Every Thursday Night On Zoom
    TIME:   6:30 PM to 7:30 PM (Eastern Time)

Go To:

  Open Mic 

You can come to play, lead a song, or just sit back, relax and enjoy the music. During the song everyone will be muted except the leader of that song. This way you can play along and try new things. You never have to worry about making any mistakes because you will be muted as everyone else will be too.

The Ukulele Open Mic is excellent for beginners to learn to play with others in the privacy of their own home even if they are just learning to hold the ukulele. Most of all it is a great way to meet other ukulele enthusiasts.