Buffalo Ukulele Club

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Buffalo Ukulele Club meets at  the 
Eggertsville-Snyder Library,
4622 Main St. Snyder, NY 

The entrance is behind the Library off Burroughs Dr.

The Library is located between
Harlem Rd. 
(Rt. 240) and Hwy. 290.

Proceed on Main St. Turn north at the light on Burroughs Dr. Then go left into the Church driveway which leads to the Library. The Library is directly ahead.


This is a side view of the library as you
enter the driveway from Burroughs Dr.

As you approach the building, turn right into the parking lot.

As you can see, there is plenty of parking space behind the building.

From the parking lot, walk up the left side of the Library toward the last door you see. Do not enter the first doors you pass. They go into the main Library.

Looking at the photo, you'll see the white door. Enter that door beyond the recycle bins. The other doors lead to the main part of the Library. The door under the canopy will take you to the meeting room. Once in the building, go left to the where we will be.


Masks are required to enter the main Library for the protection of any unvaccinated children present.

Only those FULLY VACCINATED are permitted to enter the meeting room for the protection of each other.