Learn to Play A Musical Instrument
The Fast And Easy Way!

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John Radice, musician, song writer, and performer has dedicated years to communicating with people of all ages through his music. As the organizer of the Buffalo Ukulele Club, John Radice has introduced audiences to the melodic sounds of the ukulele. John has shown children, parents, and grandparents how easily they can fulfill a long time dream to play an instrument.

It is John Radice's belief that anyone who wants to learn to play an instrument and serious about it can make it happen. John's ukulele workshops and his classes continually prove his point. Hundreds of hopeful musicians have learned to do something that for years they only wished they could, namely, make music.

John has extended his unique approach to teaching the ukulele to group or private online classes. Students are able to learn to play an instrument in the comfort of their home by Zoom. If you are interested in more information, send an email to JohnRadice@gmail.com to request all the details.